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Comedian & Crypto Writer 
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About Melissa 

Melissa is a stand up comic in Chicago. She studied acting, finance and voice at Millikin University with a BA in Theatre. During her time at Millikin, she spent a semester in London studying at The Globe Theatre. 


After graduating, Ron Paul's books were a gateway drug for her finding cryptocurrencies. Melissa realized there were no other female liberatian stand up comedians for her to write sketches with. She now uses humor to help others understand Austrian economics and cryptocurrencies. 


Melissa has also studied belly dance at The Jasmin Jahal School of Belly Dance, Improv at Second City, writing at iO, and Stand-up at Comedy Sportz in Chicago and Feminine Comique. She is a voice over actor, a member of  "Beast Women" an all female performance variety group, an actor & writer for the online sketch group Foul But Funny  and a contributing writer for Comedy of Chicago. She was in the Second City Conservatory.

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Melissa Richelle Improv Comedy Club Schamburg

Stand Up Comedy

Although Melissa's material isn't exclusively clean, she has worked clean at colleges, corporate conferences and church shows. Her material covers everything from gender differences to economic dick jokes.

Melissa Richelle Chicago Stand Up Comedian


Melissa has written a pilot episode for The Crypto Comedy TV Show. A Saturday Night Live style comedy show about cryptocurrencies and economics.

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Musical Parodies & Voice Over 

Melissa loves writing and producing parody music videos, especially about cryptocurrencies. 

She has also partnered with Full Bars Media producing comedic real estate sketches. 

What Others Think Of Melissa's Comedy...

JCC Camp Chi

Melissa is truly funny. She performed for a tough crowd and found her way to get them to laugh thru effort and trying a huge variety of types of jokes/stories. She is excellent for a twenty-something audience, but also figured out ways to make the middle age members of the audience enjoy her show.

Review by Jon L. FROM MADISON, WI ON 8/17/2018

Millikin University

Melissa’s material was funny and relevant to college students. She used a lot of personal experiences
involving dating, family drama, and college stories of being a RA and student leader. She was really
flexible to work with. 

Molly Berry, Office of Student Engagement - Decatur IL

Bachellorette Party

Melissa was super friendly, mingled with the group and had great material!! I wish some of the women in the group were a little more interactive but she held her own and did a great job!!

Review by Leana C. FROM CHICAGO, IL ON 10/14/2017

Lindsey Gonzales, Comedian

One time I was at a comedy show and the host was coming up after Melissa did her set...the host was wearing fab heeled boots and tripped on the stairs and fell down all the way to the stage, like *boom*...

Melissa hits the deck...I mean she DIVES to the ground like a beach volley ball player onto that stage and poses her chin on her hand and smiles big at the host, who was laughing uncontrollably. It's this level of adaptability that sets apart someone who has done comedy and a person who has become a comedian. I admired Melissa very much in this moment. Especially since she was wearing a super cute outfit and she was willing to dirt the skirt for the good of the show.

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